The One Who Does a Lot of Everything

Tabatha Gayle (she/they) is a multidisciplinary performer and creator based in NYC. Tabatha has written, performed in, and helped develop work at the Bushwick Starr, NYTW, HERE Arts Center, Ars Nova, Musical Theater Factory, Poetic Theater Productions, and New York Musical Festival. She is a Resident Artist with New Light Theater Project and has performed regionally with companies such as Virginia Stage Company (The Bluest Eye) and Connecticut Repertory Theater (Our Country’s Good and The Importance of Being Earnest). Her directorial work has been featured at Prelude Festival, The Tank, the Summer Fresh Broad Views on Broadway Festival, and at Musical Theater Factory. As Celeste Sage, her poetry has been staged with Poetic Theater Productions and Musical Theater Factory.


Tabatha’s self - developed work focuses on intersectional oppression and misogynoir, as well as stimulating empathy, self - reflection, self- education, and re-sensitization of the general public. A semester abroad in London, spent studying performance with the British Academy of Dramatic Arts, gave her theater that re-imagined all the different ways performative media could be used to reach hearts.  Tabatha and Sabrina Greenburg co-founded Sidewalk Samaritans, an outreach and public awareness group committed to assisting emotional support and interaction with the homeless/displaced of NYC while re-sensitizing the public to the humanity of these housing/supply insecure individuals.


When Tabatha is not performing or scheming up plots to somehow singlehandedly fix the world’s humanity issues, she enjoys writing and performing poetry (as Celeste Sage), binging Transformation Church on Youtube, playing her ukulele, writing the odd satirical sketch (attn: Terrence Nance and Jordan Peele), dancing, shamelessly eating Bareburger twice a week (attn: Bareburger, sponsor me), and watching movie reviews!