Girlhood - A Poetry Performance Series (Honey Dipped Girls Productions)

On July 18th at 6pm, Celeste Sage is rejoining Honey Dipped Girls for their Poetry Series, a night during which the poets and singers debut new work. Featured artists include Alexis Floyd, Alexis Myles, S. Erin Batiste, Anna Limontas-Salisbury, Arriel Vinson, Kassidi Jones, Starr Davis and Celeste Sage. Tickets are by donation and all proceeds go to The Starfruit Project, which assists queer and trans people of color in the Arts.

Virtual Poetry Reading - New York Theater Workshop and Poetic Theater Productions

Celeste Sage is honored to be a featured artist for New York Theater Workshop and Poetic Theater Production's collaboration on Virtual Open Mic Night on Thursday May 21st at 7pm EST. Joining Darian Dauchan, Shanelle Gabriel, and Maurisa Li-A-Ping, Celeste will be sharing pieces that explore the idea of reimagining community, connection, and creation during these changing times. After the featured poets have performed, the floor will open to those who would like to share!

Trojan Women - Center for Hellenistic Studies/Out of Chaos Theater (Virtual Reading)

Tabatha is excited to return to the role of "Andromache" in CHS'/ Out of Chaos' online reading of Trojan Women on Wednesday May 20th at 3pm Est! During this reading, Greek scholars will provide historical context, analysis of the original Greek language and text, and an in depth look at the motivations and realities of each of the characters. 

The Persians - Center for Hellenistic Studies/Out of Chaos Theater (Virtual Reading)

Tabatha collaborates with Out of Chaos Theater and CHS again as "Atossa" in their online reading of The Persians! During this reading, Greek scholars will provide historical context, analysis of the original Greek language and text, and an in depth look at the motivations and realities of each of the characters. 

Orestes - Center for Hellenistic Studies/Out of Chaos Theater (Virtual Reading)

Tabatha is excited to make a (virtual) return to the Center for Hellenistic Studies as "Electra" in their online reading of Orestes! During this reading, Greek scholars will provide historical context, analysis of the original Greek language and text, and an in depth look at the motivations and realities of each of the characters. 

Rediscovering Our Humanity - Frank Snowden Symposium on Incarceration

Tabatha is honored to continue to integrate her activism and her art by joining Professor Emily Allen-Hornblower (Classics, Rutgers), Marquis McCray (a formerly incarcerated classics student), and actor Martin Lewis in Washington D.C. for a three-day symposium on incarceration, emotion, and the classics. Hosted by the Center of Hellenistic Studies, funded by Harvard University, Tabatha and Martin will be performing excerpts from classical Greek tragedies, such as Medea, Heracles, and Ajax, to open a moderated discussion on humanity and emotion. 

gethsemane - Poetic Lyricism : Body Language at Wild Project (MTF/PTP)

Celeste Sage's gethsemane premieres as a part of the Poetic Lyricism : Body Language Festival, a collaboration between Musical Theater Factory and Poetic Theater Productions. A joint effort between Celeste Sage, choreographer Louis DeVaughn Nelson, and composers Es Wex (Emily Wexler) and Stephen Elkins, gethsemane explores martyrdom through an identity-based lens. March 7th at 8p at Wild Project. 

ReCap - Musical Theater Factory's 4x15

Tabatha is thrilled to be directing ReCap for Musical Theater Factory's 4x15 Festival again on February 18th! Written by Keurim Hur and Brandon Michael Lowden. A Korean-American mashup of Groundhog Day and Can't Hardly Wait, ReCap follows Yuna and Sam from their high school graduation to the blowout post-grad party mandated by teen media... and follows them again, and again, and again, as the pop-culture-savvy girls immediately realize they're in a time loop and try to figure out what life-altering lesson they must learn to get out of it.

The Gap - The Tank

Tabatha joins The Gap as "Trinity"! The Gap follows a cheerleading team in a small town in the South, newly given the opportunity to redeem themselves at State. When the co-captain makes it her mission to get the racist school mascot removed, her peers challenge her commitment to “change.”

Trojan Women - The Resident Acting Company

Tabatha  rejoins the Resident Acting Company as "Andromache" in their performance of Trojan Women. November 11th!

The Black History Museum...According to the United States of America - HERE Arts Center

Tabatha joins the cast of The Black History Museum...According to the United States of America, running November 1-24th! Part installation, part performance, and completely mesmerizing, The Black History Museum…According to the United States of America invites audiences to experience life as a Black American throughout history. This world premiere employs powerful and satirical visual art, performance, sound installation and dance, to transform HERE’s entire building into a theatrical museum. An experience unlike any other, The Black History Museum… entreats audiences to see the American notion of ‘Blackness’ through new lenses, on this, the 400th anniversary of the beginning of American slavery.

Model Citizens - Musical Theater Factory's 4x15 Festival

Tabatha is chomping at the bit to jump back into the director's seat for Model Citizen's second staging at MTF's 4x15 Festival on Friday, September 13th! For more information and tickets, click below!

Meat Suits

Tabatha rounds out August playing Estrella in Lillian Bornstein's new play Meat Suits, directed by Kari Barclay! Meat Suits follows Alex and Estrella as they both battle their personified issues and try to understand what it means to have a body.

Model Citizens - Broad Views on Broadway's Summer Fresh Festival

Tabatha is excited to direct Robert Lee Poole III and Haley Poole's new musical Model Citizens for Broad Views on Broadway's Summer Fresh Festival! This show follows polished Alyssa, and her radical sister Haley, as they challenge each other and the status quo over the course of their prep school Model United Nations Conference. Chaos ensues as assassinations, kidnapping, warfare, and political espionage jeopardize the hierarchy ruled by the delegate to the United States and his "allied power bro squad," forcing the sisters and the student body to reconsider what it means to be a Model Citizen.

The Great Novel - New Light Theater Project/The Flea

Tabatha is super stoked to star in the world premiere of Amina Henry's The Great Novel, in collaboration with New Light Theater Project and The Flea! The Great Novel follows Bertha, a Jamaican housemaid, as she juggles the influences of the affluent upper class family she works for and the history of her family's roots to find the inspiration to write the next great American Novel. The show runs through June! For more info, visit

The Cherry Orchard - The Resident Acting Company

Tabatha gets to collaborate once more on with The Resident Acting Company in early May as Anya in Anton Chekov's classic The Cherry Orchard! For more info, visit !

Colorism and Prejudice Panel - The Wells Theater

In March, Tabatha has the honor of joining a panel of three fellow black women for a discussion on Colorism and Prejudice. The panel includes Khadijah O. Miller, Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Chair of the HINTS Department, Neisha Heimes, founder of the G.R.O.W. Foundation, and Saige Hill, a former student representative on the Obama Administration’s Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault and Public Delegate for the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The panel will be moderated by Barbara Hamm Lee, the Executive Producer and Host of Another View, a weekly call - in talk show that "discusses today's issues from an African American perspective”.

The Bluest Eye - Virginia Stage Company

Tabatha is off to Virginia to hop into her dream role, Pecola, in Virginia Stage Company's production of The Bluest Eye adapted by Lydia R. Diamond. Based off of the novel by Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye follows the tragic life of an eleven-year-old black girl named Pecola Breedlove in 1940s Ohio. The show runs March 6th through March 24th!

Art Meets Space (&After Party) - Rockwood Music Hall

Art Meets Space, curated by Tabatha Gayle, is a night at Rockwood Music Hall for artists to finally get the space and audience to perform old pieces that they love or new that they're working on! Music, theater, comedy, the unconventional...almost anything goes. Featuring artists such as Highline Vocal Jazz, Gavin McNicholl, Scott Redmond, Tabatha Gayle, and more! All donations (including any books brought to donate!) will go towards Sidewalk Samaritans, a new outreach group for the homeless/displaced of NYC. One Night Only - February 9th at 9pm!

A Dying Breed - The Tank

Tabatha is ecstatic to direct A Dying Breed by Ianne Fields Stewart at The Tank for The Black Box Project's second cycle, titled "Femme". A Dying Breed is an afrofuturistic dystopian play that follows a group of survivors living underground after an authoritarian collective assumes complete power. The show runs February 4th and 5th!

The Warriors - Honey Dipped Productions

Tabatha hops into the role of Camille in Honey Dipped Productions's reading of The Warriors. Written by Evan Linder and conceived by school shooting survivor Mary Hollis Imboden, the play follows five adults in their 20s attempting to reconcile the memory of the shooting at their middle school in Jonesboro, Arkansas. All proceeds from the reading go towards March For Our Lives.

Love of My Life - The Bushwick Starr

Tabatha can't wait to jump into the role of Maya in The Bushwick Starr's reading of Love of My Life, written and directed by Seonjae Kim as a part of the Starr Reading Series. Love of My Life, written in both Korean and English and set in a New England boarding school, follows the the intense twinship of two girls from Korea.

A Civil War Christmas - Connecticut Repertory Theater

Tabatha is excited to be heading back to Connecticut Repertory Theater to play Rose in A Civil War Christmas, opposite Tony Award Nominee Forrest McClendon. Just in time for the holiday season! A Civil War Christmas, written by Paula Vogel and directed by Elizabeth VanDyke, is a musical experience that follows 1860s historical figures on both sides of the political/racial divide during the Civil War, as they all struggle towards hope and towards Christmas. Show runs Thursday, November 29th through Sunday December 9th!

Misogynoir - Prelude 2018

Tabatha is happy to be performing a self-written excerpt from her collaborative play Misogynoir in October for Prelude 2018, a festival also featuring the works of artists such as Modesto Flako Jimenez and Pig Iron Theater Company. Previous pieces featured at Prelude have included works by Young Jean Lee, Charles Mee, and Cynthia Hopkins.

Can I Hold You?

Tabatha is honored to be joining the workshop of the new play Can I Hold You?, written by Kari Barclay and directed by Jacob Sexton.

If Sand Were Stone - New York Music Festival

Tabatha will be performing at the New York Music Festival July 18th - 22nd in If Sand Were Stone, a new musical written by Carly Brooke Feinman and Cassie Wilson and directed by Tyler Thomas.

Big Night - The Resident Acting Company

Tabatha will be rejoining The Resident Acting Company as Vera Murphy for their performance of Big Night at the Players Club!

Misogynoir - Ars Nova

Tabatha is proud to perform at Ars Nova in the Off-Broadway premiere of Misogynoir on June 22nd! A play co-devised with Sam Kebede, Misogynoir explores the particular oppression black women face through the lens of media. 

Electra - The Resident Acting Company

Tabatha will be joining the Resident Acting Company on May 30th as a guest artist for their performance of Electra at The Players Club!


Tabatha is Johari in the Motion-Capture video game "Beamer". A crew of Space Cadets travel through the universe and time to explore particles called Stardust which make up all things. Coming soon!

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