The I Don't Know! Project

The I Don’t Know! Project is an ongoing NYC touring art piece that works to destigmatize the lifelong process of learning and growing, while creating a safe space for the beginnings or continuations of individual explorations into personal, social, political, racial, and gender/sex based topics. The Project celebrates and puts an emphasis on the “I Don’t Know!” stage of learning, the stage in which the most shame, and self - restriction may come. The participants individually work with art supplies while sharing the topics about which they believe themselves to be uneducated or undetermined about with a Project interlocutor in a non-judgemental space. When the interaction is finished, the participant is encouraged to continue to educate themselves actively on the topic moving forward.


The I Don’t Know! Project was inspired by Julia Rohrer’s online “The Loss of Confidence Project”, which encourages psychological scientists to report their doubts about their own research. To learn more about that endeavor (and read some of the reports!) visit

Upcoming Dates

4/10/2019 @ 7PM

Bluestockings Bookstore, Cafe, and Activist Center